Job Shops

Industry characteristics

  • Lot size = 1
  • High flexibility
  • Repeated orders
  • Control stations
  • Manufacturing cells
  • Different materials
  • Tool variability
  • ESPRIT, TopSolid, Mastercam
  • etc.


Industry solution

One of the typical WinTool solutions for the Job Shop industry


The total transparency of resources at the moment of planning!

The data from the MES or other planning systems are automatically transferred to WinTool. NC folders are automatically created and all data such as machines, part numbers, production start and end, as well as the lot size are transferred. You can see already during the order planning which resources are missing. Returned material such as consumables which is not available in sufficient quantity for the planned start of production are clearly listed. In this way, you can optimally schedule the order at any time, and order the tools you need during the planning Process.

The Task

  • Transparency of return materials such as consumables at the time of order scheduling
  • Availability preview of all tools and equipment required for production orders from the start of production to the end of production
  • Automatic creation, transfer and synchronization of all necessary digital production data & information from the MES or order planning system

Your Benefit

  • No more missing / disregarded workbooks and jobs, or erroneous information related to production data
  • Ordering of consumables at the earliest possible time
  • Optimal order planning for returned materials
  • No more machine downtime due to missing tools and Equipment

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  • Display of the orders placed and consideration of those in the problem analysis
  • Color coding of returned material and consumables
  • Clear presentation of all problem cases regarding missing tools and resources per order (Availability preview)
  • Availability check of the required tools, as well as operating material for the start of production
  • Transfer of production dates and lot size from the MES
  • Automatic creation of all scheduled jobs as soon as a tool list has been created in the relevant NC folder
  • Automatic creation of digital order files with transfer of the scheduled machine and part number from the MES
  • Interface to all common MES and order planning systems


  • WinTool Logistics Module
  • WinTool Process Manager
  • WinTool CNC Archive
  • WinTool Tool Library



Windows Vista, 7 bis 10

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